Starling and Feathers Extensions

Say hello to Starling and Feathers Extensions by pol2095 for :

- Starling Framework offering blazing fast GPU powered graphics to create a smooth and responsive experience. Build completely standalone, native applications on iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac OS X, or target Adobe Flash Player in desktop browsers.

- Feathers is a library of light-weight, skinnable, and extensible UI controls for mobile and desktop. The components run on Starling Framework and the Adobe Flash runtimes

Starling :

- callLater
This project adds a callLater method to Starling Framework like Apache Flex.

- scrollRect
This project adds a scrollRect method to Starling Framework, the scroll rectangle bounds of the display object.

Feathers :

- BorderContainer
BorderContainer class control the appearance of the border and background fill of the container.

- Canvas
Canvas control supports basic vector drawing functionality.

- CircleProgress
CircleProgress displays the progress of a task over time.

- ColorPicker
ColorPicker control provides a way for a user to choose a color from a spectrum.

- DataGrid
DataGrid control displays a row of column headings above a scrollable grid.

- PinchingControl
Pinching control that allows a pinch to zoom mechanic using the multitouch inputs of a mobile device.

- TLFTextFieldTextEditor and TLFTextFieldTextEditorViewPort
  . TLFTextFieldTextEditor : text that may be edited at runtime by the user with the TextInput component, using the native fl.text.TLFTextField.
  . TLFTextFieldTextEditorViewPort :text that may be edited at runtime by the user with the TextArea component, using the native fl.text.TLFTextField.

- Toaster
Toaster provides simple feedback about an operation in a small popup.

- Tree
Tree control lets a user view hierarchical data arranged as an expandable tree.

- ViewNavigatorApplication and TabbedViewNavigatorApplication
  . The ViewNavigatorApplication class is an application class meant to provide a simple framework for applications that employ a view-based navigation model.
  . The TabbedViewNavigatorApplication container defines an application with multiple sections (ViewNavigator).

- ZoomableControl
ZoomableControl that allows you to pinch to zoom.

Download :
- Starling Feathers Extensions for Air 1.0.3 (swc)  
- Starling Feathers Extensions for Flash Player 1.0.3 (swc)  

  API Reference

To compile this sample download the Feathers SDK (Manager)


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<!-- Copyright 2018 pol2095. -->
<f:Application xmlns:fx=""

            private function getColor(event:Event):void
                color.text = "0x" + colorPicker.color.toString(16).toUpperCase();

        <f:VerticalLayout paddingTop="5" paddingBottom="5" paddingLeft="5" paddingRight="5"/>

    <fe:ColorPicker id="colorPicker"/>
    <f:Button label="get color" triggered="getColor(event)"/>
    <f:Label id="color"/>